Editor's Note

The current issue, which ushers in our fourth year of publication, brings a fascinating encounter with the Israeli novelist A. B. Yehoshua, in the form of an essay (that he had delivered originally as a lecture) on history and the novelist, and a penetrating analysis by Yael Halevi-Wise of Sephardism in his latest novel, The Retrospective. We also bring you David Wacks’ article (based on a lecture delivered recently in New York) on cultural exchange among the three cultures of medieval Iberia.

In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish, you may find stories by Yehuda Hatsvi and by Rivka Abiry. We are very grateful to the authors, and hope you enjoy them!

The review section is full this time, with a review by Harold Rhode of Corry Guttstadt's new book on Turkey and the Holocaust, two reviews of recent books on Sephardic music, by Judith R. Cohen, a review of A Baghdad Chronicle by Nimrod Raphaeli, and David Navarro’s review of Seymour Menton’s new translation of the Mexican Angelina Muñiz Huberman’s lyrical novel A Mystical Journey, Tierra adentro, a story of conversos escaping from Spain and their journey to Safed.

We have innovated recently by setting up a Facebook page, allowing us to pass on information about the Sephardic world more promptly and directly. Please check out our page and let us know what you think! We are also always looking for new scholarly and creative articles on culture, the arts and history, in Sephardic Horizons’ efforts to promote and publicize the unique and fascinating Sephardic contribution to Jewish life. All article submissions are peer-reviewed, and Sephardic Horizons is indexed in the main databases of scholarly work in Jewish culture.

With sincere thanks to all our contributors, to Ralph Tarica, Rosine and Bob Nussenblatt, Joe and Judy Semo, to Elliott Blufer and Chelsie May, i felis anyo muevo a todos los meldadores,

Judith Roumani
Editor, Sephardic Horizons

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