Volume 4, Issue 2
Spring 2014

Editor's Note
Judith Roumani

The Surname Sulam or Sullam: An Onomastic Analysis
Mathilde Tagger

From Casablanca to Carnegie Hall: The Untold Tale of North Africa's Jewish Pop Stars
Geoffrey Clarfield

The Holocaust in Sephardi/Mizrahi Literature: A Review of Some Responses in Prose
Judith Roumani

Istanbul Intrigues: Preface and "The Valet Did It"
Barry Rubin

In Ladino/ Judeo-Spanish

Dos Madres, Un Nombre
Rivka Abiry

Dos Poesias
Haim Vitali Sadacca


Contemporary Sephardic Identity in the Americas By Edna Aizenberg and Margalit Bejarano
Reviewed by Regina Igel

How To Live, or, A Life of Montaigne: One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer By Sarah Bakewell
Reviewed by Bension Varon

Life after Baghdad By Sasson Somekh
Reviewed by Nimrod Raphaeli

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