Volume 4, Issue 3
Summer 2014

Editor's Note
Judith Roumani

From East to Farther East: The Jewish Experience in Kaifeng, China
Tiberiu Weisz

Medieval Iberian Literary Studies in the United States
David Wacks

International Institute for Secret Jews (Anusim), Report on the Netanya Conference: The Different Perspectives of Jewish Law, the Jewish People, and the State of Israel toward the Secret Jews
Shlomo Buzaglo

The Girl whose Dress was a Parachute (Poem)
David Almaleck Wolinsky

In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish

La Siya de Charley
Rivka Abiry

Dos Poesias Muevas
Haim Sadacca


Prevenciones divinas contra la vana idolatrĂ­a de las gentes, vol. 1 By Isaac Orobio de Castro
Reviewed by Matthew Warshawsky

The Haggadah of the Kaifeng Jews of China By Fook-Kong Wong, Dalia Yasharpour
Reviewed by Tiberiu Weisz

Kimberly A. Arkin. Rhinestones, Religion, and the Republic: Fashioning Jewishness in France
Reviewed by Chelsie May

Shiru Shir By David Meghnagi
Reviewed by Jacques Roumani

'Bsisa' celebration and performance for Rosh Chodesh Nisan
Reviewed by Judith Roumani. Photos by Vivienne Roumani-Denn

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