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Criteria for Submission

Sephardic Horizons is aimed at both a scholarly and general public, seeking new ideas and information about the Sephardic world. Potential authors are encouraged to contact us with ideas, and to submit your essays that discuss Sephardic themes in engaging ways.

The guidelines for length are 2,000 to 5,000 words for articles (including endnotes), and 1,000 to 2,000 words for book or media reviews. All submissions should be sent in Word, as email attachments.

Articles and reviews should be in Word 2003 or later, single-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font. All articles considered for publication will be reviewed by specialists in the field.


Please follow the MLA Handbook for literary essays, and the Chicago Manual of Style for other subjects. All foreign words not in Websters International Dictionary should be italicized. American style and spelling, please.

Authors are requested to use the embedded endnote function in Word rather than footnotes.

Quotations are in double inverted commas (quotation marks); long quotations should be indented, without marks.

The text should be in Times New Roman, 12-point, with the title of the article in 16-point. Subheadings are in bold italics, 14-point.

Please supply a two to five-line author’s bio.

Dates and Numbers

Samples: August 1, 2010; the 1980s; 2008-10. Numbers 1-99 are spelled out; thereafter they are written as numbers.


Websites should be linked by using the format http://. If possible state the date when you accessed the site. Books should have the place, publisher, and date of the edition you used. Please keep the number of endnotes to a minimum.

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