Volume 7, Issues 3&4
Summer-Fall 2017

Editor’s Note
by Judith Roumani


The Book World in Ottoman and Modern Turkey: The Pioneer Jews
Bension Varon

Italy’s Cabinet of Shame Revealed: One Case of Frustrated Justice
Judith Roumani

In Search of the Sephardic Family Name Turiel/Touriel/Tourial
Ralph Tarica

Space, Subjectivity, Symbolism,: A Report from the Conference “Jews in Muslim Societies,” October 2017
Katharine Halls

In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish:

Entrevista Kon Jessamine Irvin sobre la Solisitad de Sivdadania Espanyola
Carlos Yebra López

Lesyones Ke Devemos Aplikar En La Vida
Haim Vitali Sadacca

Rivka Abiry


David Abulafia, The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean
Reviewed by Bension Varon

Zvi Keren, Studies of Jewish Life in Bulgaria
Reviewed by Steven Sage

Claudette Sutton, Farewell Aleppo: My Father, My People, and their Long Journey Home
Reviewed by Yaëlle Azagury

Film directed and produced by Larry Confino and Larry Russo: Trezoros
Reviewed by Judith Roumani

Jacques Sardas, Without Return: Memoirs of an Egyptian Jew 1930-1957
Reviewed by Aimée Israel-Pelletier

Nina Lichtenstein, Sephardic Women Writers: Out of North Africa
Reviewed by Youness Abeddour

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